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Welcome to Piopio, A Thriving Village Nestled Between The
World Famous Waitomo Caves and The Rugged Taranaki Coast


Piopio Berry Orchard News

Our new season is fast approaching, with our opening day being October 25th, the beginning of Labour Weekend.
As always, we will start with asparagus, and strawberries will be introduced as they ripen.

You may have heard of the exciting new venture we have begun at Piopio Berry Orchard this winter.We have erected six tunnel houses, with the valuable help and practical knowledge of Roger Buckman and Aaron and Braden Bevege.These will house strawberries planted in coconut fibre on what is referred to as tabletops – three lots of three tables per tunnel – fifty metres long.
The plants are then fed the vital nutrients via a solution, based on the time of season, the time of day, and the temperature and humidity. The information is sourced from sensors placed around the tunnels.

Growing the strawberries by this system provides many advantages.The fruiting season is extended and can potentially span from October to April.With the tunnels providing protection from the wind and rain and cold, the damage from weather and pests and diseases to the delicate fruit, is almost eliminated.And working in the tunnels is dry and good for the back. No bending here.

However, we still have our traditional ground strawberry patch, and our wonderful team will be out picking daily on their harvest bikes that we refer to as the Flintstone Fleet.

As well as our strawberries, we of course have the blueberries, with new plantings of recent years growing well and looking extremely productive this year. And then, the raspberries, both summer and autumn, we expect to have fruiting through from December to April.
Lastly, two new berries are being picked for the first time this season - Boysenberries and Blackberries.
These will be a welcome addition to our mid summer berry selection.

As always, we will have available delicious ice creams, smoothies, muffins and more, enhanced by the two new flavours – Boysenberries and Blackberries.

Hope to see you Labour Weekend!
Mike and Angela and Team at Piopio Berry Orchard