Hairy Feet Waitomo

Hairy Feet Waitomo

Visit the stunning farm location at Mangaotaki Rocks Piopio, near Waitomo, where the troll and campfire scenes in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey were filmed.

Towering limestone cliffs, massive rock formations and a primeval forest on the Denize family farm became the location for Staddle Farm and Trollshaws... and the home of "Sting"!

Join our personally guided tour and see where these scenes were filmed:
* The Company arriving at a destroyed farmhouse
* The exit from the cave containing the troll hoard
* Gandalf bestowing the sword, "Sting" upon Bilbo
* Radagast arriving
* The Orcs and Wargs attacking
* Have your photo taken standing in the exact spot where Bilbo received his magical sword, "Sting", from Gandalf.


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Hairy Feet Waitomo

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Hairy Feet Waitomo is just 45 minutes from the famous Waitomo Caves.
It's a scenic drive 3 hours south of Auckland and easily accessed from charming Piopio Village on State Highway 3.