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Welcome to Piopio, A Thriving Village Nestled Between The
World Famous Waitomo Caves and The Rugged Taranaki Coast


Piopio Fruit & Vege Stand

From Karen Barrett
I HOPE your heirloom tomatoes are growing, flowering, and starting to fruit. And that you didn’t suffer too much damage from that late heavy frost.
We’ve lost this season’s figs, walnuts and plums most likely, but not our peaches, nectarines, apples, quince, nashis, feijoas, citrus, hazelnuts, grapes or blackcurrants, phew.

Be forewarned I will be begging for damsons from anyone who has them to spare.

With gardens starting to come into peak seasonal production I hope you will have surplus to share and make the effort to do so. I know that second bit takes thought and time. And we’re all short of time. But sharing surplus matters, and it does make a difference to many in our community, especially with produce prices being what they are.

Once the tomatoes start to ripen I will do a quick tutorial on the stand’s FB page for those who are interested in learning how to save seeds for planting next season. Different people do different things, I’ll just share what has worked for me. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions/issues. Updates are posted pretty much daily on our FB page, where “likes,” “loves,” comments and questions are always welcome.

Merry Christmas, Peace on Earth and Good Fruit & Veg to all.

Karen Barrett
[email protected]
07 877 8012