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Welcome to Piopio, A Thriving Village Nestled Between The
World Famous Waitomo Caves and The Rugged Taranaki Coast


Piopio Fruit & Vege Stand

WE’RE coming into the summer and autumn peak for the Community Stand, with our local veggie gardens and orchards cranking up.

Could everyone possibly pledge to take the time to share what you’ve grown but can’t use? I know it takes some planning and thought, but food costs aren’t going down any time soon. Every little bit helps someone in our community.

It’s been an odd growing season so far. My tomatoes are slowly stepping up, but they won’t deliver a bumper crop from the looks of things right now. We were fortunate to harvest a decent crop of garlic and shallots; I’ve heard from others who’ve had none. It’s a good year for beans, butternut and pumpkins at our place, zucchini less so. I haven’t even looked at the potatoes or kumara just yet.

Many people lost this year’s crops of plums, figs, even peaches due to that late frost. If you’re one of the lucky ones who has fruit in your orchard, please do drop a container or two at the stand.

I will make my standing offer at this time of the year to pick fruit for anyone with heaps to contribute who may be unable to pick it. Special thanks to Mrs. White recently for picking up the phone and inviting me to come pick some of your delicious plums for our community.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions/issues. Updates are posted pretty much daily on our FB page, where “likes,” “loves,” comments and questions are always welcome.
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