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Welcome to Piopio, A Thriving Village Nestled Between The
World Famous Waitomo Caves and The Rugged Taranaki Coast


The Latest Surplus: Update on Piopio Community Fruit & Veg Stand

As Audrey Hepburn once said, ‘To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.’
The Community Fruit & Veg Stand continues to be the grateful recipient of surplus grown in our local gardens and orchards by all those people in our community who believe in tomorrow. Plus, it’s great to see those fantastic contributions of different breads and rolls continue to be dropped off, they fly out of the stand.

These past few weeks there have been a few hundred heirloom tomato plants on offer, with other veggie, flower and herb seedlings also starting to appear on the bottom shelf. They move out quickly; thankfully the pots are returned as requested so they can be used again. Room 4 at Piopio Primary reports they are growing some tomatoes along with other veggies. They’ve promised to drop off any surplus left after they learn how to make pizza.

Contributors have been helping to keep something or other on offer during this lull before summer veggie gardens kick in – whether it’s been that last gasp of citrus picked from the neighbour’s tree, a batch of marmalade or lemon honey, avocados, rhubarb, or freshly cut herbs. This past month I stopped to check the stand and found a large box of avocados, one with so much fruit I could barely lift it! We put this generous contribution out over four days so as many people as possible could enjoy them.

I try to let people know what’s on offer daily, and when contributions are needed, via the public Piopio Community Fruit & Veg Stand Facebook page. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch. Thanks for your continued support and help keeping the stand tidy—it truly does “take a village.” Can’t wait to see what the summer brings.
Karen Barrett